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A scenic railway at Branson, Missouri. A caver squeezing through a tight passage. Corkscrew stalactites. Various small soda straw cave formations. A cave onyx formation in a cave. Cavers inspecting stalactites. An aerial view of Grand Basin, the St. Louis Art Museum (bottom left) and the Missouri History Museum (upper right) in Forest Park, St. Louis, MO, from a commercial jet. A caver traversing a narrow passageway. Table Rock Dam and Lake Taneycomo. An Ozark wilderness cliff. Eurycea lucifuga, a cave salamander. Spathite cup. Cavers with stalactites. Small Speleothem. White stalactites. Delicate soda straw cave formations. A trail in the Ozarks. Large, milky white soda straws in a cave.