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Home is what you make it; a mollusc on coral in a tide pool. Limpets and molluscs abound on the rocks at low tide. Molluscs and algae on coral in a tide pool. Sedimentary rock, quartz, sand and mollusc. Mussels on the pylons of a jetty at low tide. Colors and textures of the coral and shells comprising the beach. Limpets, patellogastropoda, line up along the tide pools. Tide pool, seeming dammed up with limpets, about to be swamped by the incoming tide. Beach rock with micro-life. Patterns and textures of rock, sand and molluscs. Limpets, patellogastropoda, tide pools and incoming tide at sunrise. Crevice and limpets, patellogastropoda. Mollusc finds refuge in an old oyster shell at low tide. Broken coral make up the beach and shore line of the island and provide home to molluscs. Tide pools soon to be swallowed up by the incoming tide. Limpets, patellogastropoda, cling to rocks in the early morning sun. Mollusc on rock at low tide. Spray as the waves break at South West Rocks. Soon to be covered by the incoming tide.