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Monkey finishes a banana leaf wrapped take away at the cremation site by the Bagmati River. Part of the cremation site on the Bagmati River at the Pashupati temple, a recently deceased is brought to the river for a ritual washing. A monkey traverses the fa├žade of a building at the Pashupati temple. Monkey, high on a branch, catches a bit of afternoon sun. Pointed ears!  Me? Monkey skull, no longer in service. Monkey on the cables, watching. Monkeys on the Bagmati River at the site of cremations at the Pashupati temple. Suckling. Barbed wire not an effective barrier. Monkey mom and kids on the roadside wall. Roadside monkey. Inquisitive monkey scavenging for food scraps at the cremation site by the Bagmati River. Monkey a little bit angry as there has not been a food offering in exchange for the photograph.