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Vista of mossy branches and pink rhododendron. Ledge fungus and moss on a tree. Mossy fallen logs and morning light in the rainforest. Morning light angles through the rainforest. Thread moss. Tangled mossy trees beside the trail. Gnarled and moss covered tree has been cropped of leaves for cattle fodder. Moss covered trees in an enchanted oak and rhododendron forest. Moss draped branch back dropped by pink rhododendron. The old sign on the rainforest tree identifies as Black Bean. Verdant thread moss after rain. Thread moss, seeding end of cycle. Trail ascending through the mountain forest. Prayer flags strung across a mountain stream descending from the clouds. Mind your head. The rotting vegetation provides home for bugs and spiders. Looking down to a mossy mountain stream. Moss and fungus in the rainforest. Soft furry moss in a secluded rain forest environment. Morning in the forest. Verdant thread moss after rain. Mossy tree with creeper. X marks the spot. Moss proliferates in the moist warm conditions. Great conditions for growing moss. Moss covered old rainforest tree along the track to Cave Creek. Thread moss. Inviting cascade in a mountain stream, but cold! Looks soft and inviting, apart from spiders and reptiles also resident. Moss covered fallen trees in the relatively dry upper rainforest. Moss covered tree in the forest. Colors of the rainforest. Weathered and moss covered fallen rocks along a walking track. Lots of texture and color in the rainforest. Moss covered rocks in a mountain stream. Moss draped branch in the rainforest. Moss covered rocks in a mountain stream. Cold clear water of a mountain stream. Trekking the Annapurna Trail. Vibrant rainforest near the bottom of the canyon. Burnt log, moss and leaf litter in the rain. Shallow penetration of the roots of a fallen tree. Mountain stream tumbles downwards. Fallen trees and moss in the relatively dry upper rainforest. Soft moss loving the moist environment. Moist conditions, ideal for the moss to grow in the woods. Trail through open mossy forest trees. Moss covered fallen tree at Dangar Falls.