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Mount Killiecrankie

Boats offshore Killiecrankie village, in front of Mount Killiecrankie. From Mount Killiecrankie summit the northern point of Killiecrankie Bay. Panorama of Mount Killiecrankie from the fishing village of Killiecrankie. Rocky side of Mount Killiecrankie overlooking Killiecrankie Bay. View north from Mount Killiecrankie summit, Limestone Bay and part of Blyth Point. Camel head rock on Mount Killiecrankie side. Cormorant drying wings on rock in Killiecrankie Bay. Flinders Island coast and Bass Strait north from the side of Mount Killiecrankie. Killiecrankie Bay. Mount Killiecrankie faces. Weathered. Mount Killiecrankie exposed. Mount Killiecrankie blocks through the mist. Clouds descend over Mount Killiecrankie. Panorama north from Mount Killiecrankie summit, Blyth Point and Sisters Islands. Lion head rock on the side of Mount Killiecrankie. Smaller peak adjacent to Mount Killiecrankie, unofficially K2. Lower rocky slope of Mount Killiecrankie. Northern end of Killiecrankie bay. Foothill of Mount Killiecrankie. Perched and unlikely to move. Rocky coastline off the location The Dock. Interesting. Needlebush, hakea serica, phyllodes and nut. Hanging rock. Panorama of small bay at The Dock. Exposed weathered boulders near mountain summit Bones where they lie among sheoak needles and cones. Where to now? Short lived flower. Elbow. Coastal grasses. How did they do this?