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Nambucca Heads

Seagulls enjoying low tide on Nambucca beach at sunrise. Kelp and remnants of a jellyfish on Nambucca beach. Folded and jointed. Passing rain out to sea. Surf is just starting to get up over the rocks at low tide. Sun rising over tidal pools. Waves roll in on the rocks exposed at low tide on Nambucca beach. Passing rain out to sea. Sedimentary rock, quartz, sand and mollusc. First light of sunrise hits the shore. It’s a dog’s life. Swimming at Nambucca beach under a dark and stormy sky. Lead in line, kelp and shadow. Sunrise on surf. Taking the dog for a morning walk. Deformed and twisted sedimentary rock with a quartz stringer on Nambucca beach. Rippled sand from receding waves at Nambucca beach. Seagulls expecting something tasty in the kelp on Nambucca beach. Early morning at the beach. Seashell and kelp, early morning on the beach. Low tide and stormy sky over Nambucca beach surf clubhouse. Contour map; bends and fold in seashore sedimentary rocks. Seashore rocks at low tide. Algal covered rocks at low tide. Rocks at low tide with a wind whipping up the sea spray. Tide pools and encroaching surf. Beached kelp, early morning. Patterns and textures of rock, sand and molluscs. Seagull, watching and waiting. Lead in lines: beached kelp points to offshore storm. Low tide and stormy sky at Nambucca beach. First light of sunrise hits the shore. Gentle surf over the rock at sunrise. High contrast first light of sunrise hits the shore. Early morning walks on Nambucca beach. Tangle of kelp at low tide on Nambucca beach. Passing rain out to sea. Sparkling sea just after sunrise. Textures of rock and sea. Kelp and a solitary frangipani flower on Nambucca beach. Rocks and surf. Ultra-tiny tide pool in sedimentary rock.