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Natural Bridge section

Natural Bridge Falls. Natural Bridge Falls. Walking track bridge over Cave Creek. Creepers taking over an old tree in the rainforest. Rainforest track. Dark and damp track through the rainforest. The old sign on the rainforest tree identifies as Black Bean. Looking up through the rainforest canopy. Cave Creek. The sun peeks through the rainforest canopy. Moss and fungus in the rainforest. Fungus proliferates in the rainforest. Rocks and decaying vegetation on the floor of the rainforest. Rainforest floor. Boulder strewn bed of Cave Creek. Fallen rainforest tree hosts fungus and moss. Fungus growing on the sawn end of a fallen tree. Cave Creek down there through the trees. Moss covered old rainforest tree along the track to Cave Creek. Cave Creek makes its way quietly through the rainforest. Moss draped branch in the rainforest. Looks like a tree but is creepers having taken over and covered a tree now gone. Rainforest track. Low sun, ferns, moss and fungus in the rainforest.