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New Brunswick

Inside the Patrick Owens Covered bridge. Statue of Lord Beaverbrook standing over Officers’ Square. The tide’s out. Lighthouse on the green. Covered bridge. Mulholland Point lighthouse. Covered bridge. Outgoing tide at the reversing falls. Seaweed exposed by the large tidal range. Mulholland Point lighthouse. The Patrick Owens Covered bridge. The Patrick Owens Covered bridge. Covered bridge. The Patrick Owens Covered bridge. Fuller Falls Garrison museum on Officers’ Square. Sea caves on the Bay of Fundy. Small tree growing in seemingly impossible conditions. Port in the town of Saint Martins. Appropriately named Bridge Road over the reversing falls. Tidal flow at the reversing falls. Anchors aweigh. Boats in the harbor at low tide. Reflection: Mulholland Point lighthouse.