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Nightcliff Beach

Colored and patterned rock at beach. Weathered sandstone face at beach. Colored rocks at Nightcliff beach. Beach debris: Rusty pipe and nylon fishing line. Colored and patterned rock at beach. Colored and patterned face at beach. Pandanus overhangs cliff near Nightcliff pier. Seagull on a cliff. How did that get there?  Ancient sediments. What can you see in that?  Patterned rock face exposed at low tide. Muted early morning coastal colors. Mini delta, water draining at low tide. Sad face. Low tide exposed rock face. Exposed coastal sediments. Coastal overhang. Mollusc on rock at low tide. Looking sharp. Abstract art or reality? Sand swirl and colored rocks at low tide. Patterned rock in sand Colored rocks at low tide. Nature’s work. Craggy coastline and inlets. Make of it what you will. Nightcliff pier, built to accommodate the high tidal range. Driftwood. Nightcliff pier at low tide.