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Noosa River

Noosa River quiet spot. Old yacht on Noosa River. River bend. Pastel light of sunrise over Noosa River. River bend. Clear water reflections. Jetty tie. Head up. Australian Darter facing the wind, to port. Water lilies and reeds. Fig Tree Point landing. Harry’s Hut, old loggers camp. Monitor lizard lurking in the leaves. Reflections. Harry’s Hut, old loggers camp. Harry’s Hut, old loggers camp. Reflections. Jetty. Jetty. Australian Darter with a strangely green eye – must be the light. Like ducks to water, shallow enough to wade. Hop, skip and launch.  Australian Darter takes off. Reflections. A brief of pelicans. Reflections. Pelican does a low-level pass. Yachts moored on the Noosa River. Reflections.