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#82. Morning discussion. Patched up. Upper level unoccupied. Mosque minaret with birds nest. Stork couple on minaret. Washing. Corner cats. Looking down. Pigeon observer. Fortified house, a kasbah. View over the neighbours. Decorated door with brass fittings. Storks taking over a minaret. Door adorned. Painted and decorated wall. Door decorated with inlay and a brass hand of Fatima. No hoodie. Wide window sill. Pink bicycle, a mariner (I wonder). Blue door street. Cat in the morning sunlight. Step up and up and up, but watch your head. Doorway with hand of Fatima protection. Pushing his cart. Stork with large nest atop a minaret. Cat. Cat, hiding. Ornately decorated ceiling in a kasbah room. Cannon, in natural sepia. Corner garden with Berber symbol for free man. Sunrise at Ouarzazate. Morning light. Hanging out in the morning. Ceiling in a kasbah room. Morning water fill. Serious. Kasbah internal door. Produce any weigh. Doorway with hands of Fatima. Carpets and scarves for sale. Trimmed palm. Looking out from a kasbah window over the river plains. Street art. Kasbah window with colored shutter. Looking out from a kasbah window over the neighbours.