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Oudaya Kasbah

House within the kasbah. Down river to the kasbah and the river mouth. Kasbah outer wall. Kasbah colors. Outside the kasbah, sitting, waiting. Kasbah window and lamp. Life in the kasbah. Kasbah wall and down to Rabat. Kasbah courtyard. Another relaxing day in the kasbah. Corner tower of the kasbah fortification. Kasbah street view. Narrow streets within the kasbah and a rooftop garden. Decorated door. Gardens through the grill. Sweeping. Lamp above door. Decorated and well maintained door. Looking in on #37. Pose says relaxed, ears say alert. Decorated door. Solid seeming door to #30, Hand of Fatima knocker. Cemetery outside the Oudaya Kasbah walls and overlooking the mouth of the Oued Bouregreg river. Ajar. Off street parking. Cracked. Instrument of torture or something far less sinister. Parked. Hanging out the laundry along the fortification wall. Decorated door. Blue door, #37 and the Hand of Fatima. Mouth of the Oued Bouregreg river to the Atlantic Ocean. High point. Pot of green to offset the blue and white. One eyed. Hand of Fatima, protection through a door knocker. Five cats. Meeting overlooking Oued Bouregreg river. Winding lane. Decorated door. Door and intricate, if rusty, lamp. Wrought iron.