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Argan fruit on the tree. Seems like a well-fed chameleon. Baa. Good camouflage in an argan tree. Looks as if we’re having fun! Top dog; on the roof. Frowning chameleon. Heading down to a new position. Nut cracker suite. Goat in argan tree portrait. Happy argan nuts sorter. Crack and separate. The cloven hoofs allow them to climb trees. Keep your eye on the goal. Chameleon looks around an argan tree. Cracking argan nuts with rocks. Just love that argan fruit. High on a tree was a lonely goat. Girl waves at passing vehicles. Look at us. Cracking argan nuts with rocks. Here’s looking at you, kid. How many goats can one argan tree bear? Bridging the gap. I’ve got my eye on you. Goat one; argan nought. A trip of goats.