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Palais Royal

Changing guards at the Royal Palace. Entranceway to the Royal Palace. Royal Palace grounds street lamps. Minaret of the Ahl Fes mosque in the Royal Palace grounds. Royal Palace guards on duty. Street lamps, forecourt of the Royal Palace. Royal Palace cat, watching, on the alert for food. Cannon in front of the Royal Palace. Flag of Morocco at the Royal Palace. Chain barrier at Royal Palace. Royal Palace entrance gate with guards. Minaret of the Royal Palace Ahl Fes mosque. Chains. Janitor sweeping up around the mosque. Minaret apex, Ahl Fes mosque. Ahl Fes mosque entrance door. Fountain, outer courtyard and mosque. Cannon. Restroom attendant at Ahl Fes. Posing for a photo at the door of the mosque. A rather awkward looking selfie.