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Palm Trees

Palm Trees. Palm Trees. Morning sun on Jupiter Inlet. Morning sun on Jupiter Inlet. Jupiter Lighthouse Morning sun on Jupiter Inlet Moss covered rocks on the side of Mt Barney. Dubrovnik Red berries on a palm in the rainforest. Date Palms at Dusk - Fanjah, Oman Beach Sunset - Kuala Belait, Brunei Angkor Wat, the main entrance from the west over the pond. Angkor Wat complex from the western entrance towers and gallery, the central sanctuary dominates the rear, center foreground is one of the libraries. It's Alive! - Kuala Belait River, Brunei Backlit palm frond in the rainforest. The south-west corner of Angkor Wat. Preah Rup temple complex, a brick and laterite construction. The central sanctuary of Angkor Wat over the southern gallery. The south wing of the west gallery of Angkor Wat. Crystal clear water of Upper Logan River. Upper Logan River. Upper Logan River at a trail crossing. Upper Logan River barely a river high in the rainforest. Upper Logan River in the rainforest. Light, shade and patters under palms in the rainforest. Fort - Nahkl, Oman. Walkway along the wall surrounding Dubrovnik. Panorama of Angkor Wat across the moat to the western main entrance towers. Jungle Along the Kuala Belait River - Brunei Jungle Along the Kuala Belait River - Brunei