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Dades river separates date palms and the city. Adjusting the head scarf. All’s well. Desert date palm. Adjusting the head scarf. Date palms within the garden of a mosque. It’s a date. Playing to the camera. Across the Ziz valley, over the date palms, to the weathered other side. Boys snacking on fresh dates. Date palms follow a dry river bed in the desert. Morning light. Village in the Ziz valley. Young girl sets up toys for sale. Pandanus palm, pedunculatus, on the east coast of Fraser Island. Date palms, farm fields and a city minaret. Donkey stands sensibly in the shade. Dades River at the mouth of the Todgha canyon. Sun flare through laden date palms. Desert riad, house with enclosed garden, beside a grove of date palms on the River Ziz. Trimmed palm. Date plantations in the fertile Ziz valley. A kasbah fortified enclosure high in the Atlas Mountains. Jungle Along the Kuala Belait River - Brunei Watch Tower - Fanjah, Oman Cover up. Jungle Along the Kuala Belait River - Brunei