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Port at sunset. The Abid III undergoing a repaint. Fishermen return from expedition, Captain tells birds where to go. Essaouira port fortifications. Essaouira port sentries on the alert. Boat in for long overdue repair. Seagull checks whether the perch is substantial enough. Cannon protecting Essaouira port, bit rusty from lack of use. Three Bs: boat, bicycle and bag. A boat being repaired in the port. Berth of ships. A ship in port. Port customs office. Boat repaint, Flag Blue, hardly a surprise. A small port in the Gulf. A view of where ships are unloaded. Busy Essaouira fishing port. Fishing net repair. Harbor cranes. Obsolete semaphore signals at Essaouira port. Big loading crane. Fresh from the Atlantic Ocean. Atlantic fishing boats. Grand gateway from Essaouira port to the medina. Ship Sea surface in the port. Fishing boats.