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Vista of mossy branches and pink rhododendron. Steep sided ravine, spooky mossy tree, in the clouds. Moss draped branch back dropped by pink rhododendron. Red rhododendron flower. Mind your head. Pink rhododendron in the dark and moist forest. Morning in the forest. Clear blue sky behind the Annapurna Range, clouds in front. Rhododendron growing in a bucket at a trailside cafe. A decided lean to the left. Annapurna South at sunrise. Colorful rhododendron trees on the mountainside. X marks the spot. Untroubled mother and wide eyed calf share the trail. Chicken porter, still climbing, passes a red rhododendron tree. Trekking porters playing the strange game of looking for something very small lost by a trekker. Forest light. Annapurna Range through the trees. Misty clouds over the valley and mountains beyond pink rhododendron. Trail winds through high altitude rhododendron forest. Mountain stream fed by snow melt. Annapurna Range seems like one valley over although is several. Moss covered tree in a steep sided ravine. Creek, cascades, flags and flowers. Clouds roll through the trees around the trail. Annapurna Range in the sunrise light beyond the pink rhododendron.