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Lining up for the bridge and Risoyhamn harbor. Lining up for the channel into Risoyhamn harbor. Framed. Panorama of the town of Risoyhamn spread out beneath a mountain backdrop. High level bridge in Risoyhamn. Risoyhamn dominated by snow and cloud topped mountains. Backstreets of Risoyhamn, harborside. Entry channel to Risoyhamn harbor seems easy when it’s calm, probably very hard in a storm. Farm house and outbuildings beneath dark sky. Navigation into Risoyhamn harbor. Deep swirling sea. High enough to allow sea passage under. Dark clouds to the north. Cityscape Risoyhamn, beneath the mountain. Steering carefully towards the bridge in Risoyhamn. Farm house and outbuildings. Old and the new; old style navigation marker and newish lighthouse. Stay clear of this low rocky island, indicated by an old style navigation marker. Pretty little harbor scene. Green light, navigation marker. Barely distinguishable, lighthouse at the entry to Risoyhamn harbor. Wharves and warehouse beside Risoyhamn harbor. Red light, navigation marker, steer clear of sea birds. Business and houses beside Risoyhamn harbor. On track through the channel into Risoyhamn harbor. Rocky shores and steep cloud topped mountain behind Risoyhamn. Turn hard to port to enter Risoyhamn harbor.