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Peaking Gate of Supreme Harmony. Gate of Supreme Harmony side buildings. Over the top view of the Tuscan hills. Hall of Preserved Harmony roof decoration and pigeon protected eaves Forbidden City rooflines. Gate of Supreme Harmony geometry. Forbidden City Meridian Gate. Hall of Supreme Harmony roof corner detail. Gate of Supreme Harmony with male bronze lion. Balcony and roofs meet. Roof decoration at the Hall of Preserved Harmony. Roof decorations on Hall of Supreme Harmony. Imperial Garden pagoda. Forbidden City Meridian Gate. Panorama of the Gate of Supreme Harmony. Building in the Saadian Tombs grounds. Passageway from Tianhedian Square beside the Hall of Supreme Harmony. View of the tower roof through one of the Berksov palace windows. View from the wall, over the housetops of Dubrovnik. Arches and lines of courthouse. Rooftop meeting. Gate of Supreme Harmony. Forbidden City southern end. Walls and roofs. Roof decor at Gate of Supreme Harmony. Mahkama du Pacha, the courthouse, almost Verona-like.