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Sand Dunes

In the dunes. Footprints and grasses in the sand dunes. Grasses and flowers of the dunes. Grasses laid flat after a storm over sand dunes. Trees buried by drifting sand. Tree consumed by drifting sand. Windswept coastline. Texture in the sandblow. Carlo sandblow from Double Island Point. Footprints up the sandblow. Sandblow ripples. Wind trail behind driftwood high on the sandblow after a passing rain shower. Colored sandstone and the sweeping curve of Rainbow Beach. Dead tree against the blue South Pacific. Sentinel. A college geologic field trip at sand dunes in Death Valley National Park. Dunes and Rudist Escarpment - Al Huqf, Oman Pandanus pines, pedunculatus, and beachside trees and grasses stabilize the dunes. Coffee rock, sand cemented by organic matter, in the sandblow. Dune stabilizing grasses and plants against a stormy sky. Camel tracks on the dunes. Flowers of the dunes. Interwoven dunes. Curves of the dunes in late afternoon sunlight.