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The ruins of Holyrood Abbey. The Scottish Story telling Centre. Chapel in Edinburgh Castle. Looking out over the cemetery for soldier’s dogs in Edinburgh Castle to the National Galleries of Scotland. The ruins of of Holyrood Abbey. Fountain and architecture. St Giles Cathedral. Café streetscape. Glasgow City Council and George Square. Entry gate to Edinburgh Castle. Commemorating Thomas Randolph, Earl of Moray, in Edinburgh Castle. Statue of William Pitt, Britain’s youngest Prime minister. The Half-Moon battery in Edinburgh Castle. Peak of Arthurs Seat. The ruins of of Holyrood Abbey. The ruins of of Holyrood Abbey. Scottish National War museum in Edinburgh Castle, in memory of scots who fell 1914 - 1918. Gates of the Palace of Holyroodhouse. Argyle battery and the One O’clock gun in Edinburgh Castle. Edinburgh Castle looms over Princes Street. Stone and bricks of Edinburgh Castle. George Square. National Galleries of Scotland and Edinburgh railway station. Café Rouge. The Royal Palace in Edinburgh Castle. The Palace of Holyroodhouse. Scott Monument, to Sir Walter Scott. Statues in George Square. Cemetery for soldier’s dogs in Edinburgh Castle. Within the walls of Edinburgh Castle.