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An inquisitive California Grey Squirrel checking out the trail disturbance. A Western Gray Squirrel checking out the intruder. Squirrel with food crumbs on fur. A close-up of a squirrel at the Grand Canyon. A California Ground Squirrel up close and personal. A squirrel on the Sonoma Overlook Trail. A Black Squirrel at the edge of Horseshoe Falls from the Canadian side. A squirrel and seagulls on the California coast. Do not feed the wildlife. A squirrel barks in indignation. A Western Gray Squirrel along the trail. Show your stripes. An inquisitive ground squirrel. A Western Gray Squirrel shelters itself with its tail in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in winter. A Western Gray Squirrel along the trail. Meeting point. Gilaharee on clean-up duty.