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Packhorses heading down the trail, empty in the morning. Steps along the wall around Dubrovnik. Chickens being transported up the trail. Long walk to the top. Hauling up cattle fodder. Visual feast: Chand Baori step well at Abhaneri. Terraces and arches around the Chand Baori step well. Trail ascending through the mountain forest. Cast of kittens. Hazards presented on a shared use trail. Many steps of the Vijayanagaram ghat. Packhorse makes its way up the trail, no doubt a journey it has made often. Suspension bridge. This section of the Annapurna trail has over 2000 steps, all up. The trail continues, up and up. Chand Baori step well symmetry. Empty packhorses on the trail between guesthouses in the morning. Gateless fence opening for trail. Woman reading at the Theseus Temple in the Volksgarten. Chicken porter, still climbing, passes a red rhododendron tree. Tails up. Defensive line. Step well, just a little water at the bottom of the Chand Baori storage. Packhorses heading down the valley along the trail, empty in the morning for a laden return later. Give way to horse traffic, an almost constant stream of packhorses heading unladen down the trail in the morning. View of the city from one of the entrances to the wall. Step up. The multiple ways down the step well. Jhinu Hotel Evergreen and Restaurant. Chicken carrier ascending the trail.