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Strzelecki Peaks

The lowest, 400 metres, of the Strzelecki Peaks. Strzelecki Peaks on Flinders Island. Mossy tree on Strzelecki Peaks. Peppermint gum on Strzelecki Peaks. Two Strzelecki Peaks, 779 and 782 metres. Catamaran stranded at low tide at Whitemark Beach, Strzelecki Peaks to the south east. Moss covered stunted trees on a Strzelecki Peaks saddle. Fotheringate Bay and Trousers Point from side of Strzelecki Peaks. Moss covered tree on the Strzelecki Peaks ascent trail. Panorama of Strzelecki Peaks from Trousers Point. Peppermint gum on Strzelecki Peaks. Seaweed on Whitemark Beach, Strzelecki Peaks to the south east. Peppermint gum. Curled up among the lichen. Small pocket of rainforest ferns. Running water this way and that. Mountain trail through rainforest and gums. Whale head rock, moss covered. Peppermint gum. Mountain stream cascading over boulders. Rainforest moss. Peppermint gum. Forest floor moss. Running water. Wild flowers in a rainforest pocket. Trail beside rocky escarpment.