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Little inlet at Mill Point, a convenient place to beach to canoe and explore. Lake Cootharaba laps at Mill Point. Grasses, roots and flotsam at Mill Point. Morning light on Mill Point and over the lake to Elanda Point camping area. Lying down on the job, a fallen paperbark tree lives on. Grasses and stunted trees lakeside at Mill Point. Splintered, living and dead trees at Mill Point. Early morning at Mill Point looking over to Elanda Point. Eastward over Lake Cootharaba from Mill Point. Rain in the sunshine. Roots of a paperbark tree seem to resist contact with the saline waters of the lake. Sun, sand and grasses. Paperbark trees. Panorama from the Mt Mee road southwards towards Brisbane city. Twisted roots of a paperbark tree at Mill Point. The fallen; no depth to the root system. Past Mill Point to Boreen Point. Fallen paperbark tree, now home to reptiles and spiders. Trees standing starkly in the early morning light at Mill Point. Submerged and twisted roots of a paperbark tree at Mill Point. Lake Cootharaba lapping at Mill Point. Roots and grasses at Mill Point. Claw. Storm clouds over Mill Point in HDR. Early morning kayakers have passed the grasses and roots of Mill Point. Grass growing from a paperbark tree. Shallow waters of the Lake Cootharaba. Knotty tree root on Mill Point.