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Thunder River

An opening to Thunder River Canyon from the cave from which Thunder River pours. A view into the Tapeats Creek Canyon from the top of Thunder River Falls, where it emerges from the rock and plunges into the canyon. A Colorado River rafter scooping some water from Thunder River. View from Thunder River just below the falls toward hikers on the Thunder River Trail. A river guide in Thunder River Falls. Thunder River Falls as it leaps from the cliff and down the canyon, one of the many springs in the Grand Canyon. Thunder River Falls from the Tapeats Creek Trail. A Crimson Monkeyflower plant occupying a tiny island in Thunder River. The falling, dashing, waters of Thunder River. View from the spot where Thunder River bursts from the cliff. Thunder River Falls, which leap out of the middle of a cliff. Crimson Monkeyflower beside Thunder River. Thunder River Falls in the Grand Canyon. Thunder River below the falls. Thunder River Falls. Thunder River shortly after the falls. Thunder River Falls in the Grand Canyon.