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Torrington State Recreational Area

Tiny succulent amongst moss outbreaks on the granite. Looking along the adit deeper into the abandoned Gadens copper mine. Dam which once provided water for a copper mine processing plant. Through the eucalypt trees to a reed encased dam. Reflections at the bottom of a granite ravine. Mystery Face. Chalcopyrite copper deposits in the abandoned underground Gadens mine. Waterfall without the falling water. Well weathered abandoned loading ramp. How did that get there?  Granite boulder perched on high. Gnarled and twisted trunk of a tree growing on the granite plateau. Over the millennia the intermittent river has cut its way through the granite. Weathered draw bar of old wagon. Low sun hits granite outcrops against a darkening sky. Water filled open pit of an old copper mine. Through the trees and up the hill. Rusty bolts on a well weathered abandoned loading ramp. Purple wild flowers on the granite. When it rains, it’s a torrent; when it doesn’t rain the stream is just a series of stagnant pools. Weathered cast iron tired wagon wheel. Tiny moss outbreaks on the granite. Mystery Face. Granite boulders overlook the rolling countryside. Cold granite outcrop in the cold blue light of early morning. Well camouflaged lizard. Weathering wagon. Dead gum trees reflected in a dam. Tiny lichen outgrowths on an old wooden structure. Rusty hand forged hardware on old wagon. Reeds in the water filled open pit of an old copper mine. Inukshuk by the waterfall: I was here. Looking out towards the mouth of the adit of the abandoned Gadens copper mine, old rail track still in place. Stand of eucalypt trees in a misty forest. Vengance: The crushing station of a copper mine, now crushed by a large rock. Grasses sprouting from the granitic leaves. Granitic leaves. Waiting for dinner. Eucalypt hanging in there and sharing space with lichen. Opened Banksia nut. Tiny bug on a log, the orange X marks the head end. The Brain Welcome to the Torrington Caravan Park. Once the site of a mill of a copper mine, now being reclaimed by the bush. Site of the processing plant of a copper mine, now being reclaimed by the bush. The mouth of the adit of the abandoned Gadens copper mine. Piece of match marked stone work in the defunct crusher of a copper mine. Yellow bottlebrush flowers of the genus Banksia.