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Tuk Tuks

Line up of tuk tuks. Clean street adjacent to the Le Meridien hotel. Tuk tuk line-up. Fruit cart. Narrow entrance to Jaisalmer Fort. Nose up. Exit tuk tuk, enter fort. Market western gate. Tuk tuk. Old Jaipur city gate. Homoeo. Street food dishwasher. Stepping out. Sleep where you can. Street scene, pedestrians, cows, car and cyclist. Tuk Tuk line-up. That OMG look. Bikaner street scene. Cooling off in an ornamental pool adjacent to the India Gate memorial. Dicussing the fare. Tuk tuk passenger. Umbrellas for sale. Mobile motorized sugar cane crusher. One of the city gates of Jaipur. Back streets of Delhi. Roadside public urinal. Out for a walk.