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Wanggoolba Creek

Sandy creek bottom under crystal clear water of Wanggoolba Creek. Wanggoolba Creek winds its way lazily through the rainforest. Moss covered fallen tree on the slope above Wanggoolba Creek. Rare angiopteris fern growing in Wanggoolba Creek. Clear waters of Wanggoolba Creek in the dappled rainforest light. Peaceful Wanggoolba Creek scene. Sandy rainforest trail leads through turpentine trees, syncarpia glomulifera. Sun through a fern frond. Staghorn ferns in profusion growing on a host tree. Rainforest turpentine trees, syncarpia glomulifera, and ferns growing tall in the sand. Backlit palm frond in the rainforest. Sturdy turpentine tree, syncarpia glomulifera, in the rainforest. Rainforest creeper seeking light. Rainforest tree. Rainforest walking trail. Structures of nature as a creeper takes over a tree. Staghorn ferns growing on a host tree. Twisted. Moss on a rotting log in the rainforest. Creeper taking over a host tree. Rainforest creeper climbs a tree in search of light. Looking up through the rainforest turpentine trees, syncarpia glomulifera, and ferns.