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Carefree pair of humpback whales surface for breath. Humpback whale blowing off steam. Swimming with the whales: the attendant dolphins. Barnacle encrusted pectoral fin of a humpback whale. A fin wave from a humpback whale before a deep dive. Three humpback whales, one drawing breath and two diving. Whales rolling off Double Island Point with a dolphin in the lead. Scared and barnacled pectoral fin of a humpback whale. Not far off shore, a pair of humpback whales swimming together, one doing a pec. slap. A tail to be told as a humpback whale dives. Humpback whale breaches. Appears as if someone has been at the side of this humpback whale with a marker pen drawing the evil eye (and there’s a largish scar too). Heavily barnacled skin and fin of a humpback whale. Whales cruising off Double Island Point. Humpback whale giving a rolling pec. wave. Bits of spray and a lot of turbulence as two humpback whales pass by. Several tonnes of breaching humpback whale leaves an impression in the ocean. Submarine periscope-like humpback whale pectoral fin with barnacles. Diving humpback whale glinting in the sun. Humpback whale, orange patches on the white flank. Synchronized swimming, three humpback whales. Tail fluke of a humpback whale. Distinctive twin spray of a humpback whale. Humpback whale’s large blow hole awash with spray. Tail fluke of one humpback whale as another one rises in the foreground. Fluke or two: humpback whales. Twin blow holes of a humpback whale sucking in air. Thar she blows, humpback whale.