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Winch Cove

Winch Cove. Surf out beyond Winch Cove. Over Picnic Bay to Winch Cove. Sunrise over Winch Cove. Spongelike marine debris on the rocks of Winch Cove. Rocky beach of Winch Cove. Winch Cove. Wind and salt spray battered, a Pandanus pines, pedunculatus, stands over Winch Cove. Defiant Pandanus pines, pedunculatus, on the rocky shore of Winch Cove. Sunrise lights up the rocky shoreline at the eastern end of Winch Cove. Down into Winch Cove. Dolphin Point at the western end of Winch Cove with the sunrise hitting a Pandanus Pine. Waves breaking on the rocky shore of Winch Cove. Bearing fruit.  A Pandanus pine, pedunculatus. Looking north into Granite Bay past the Pandanus pines, pedunculatus. A rocky point and fairly calm early morning sea. Branch of a Pandanus Pine overlooks the sea and rocks. Sunrise hits the Pandanus Pine. Brush turkey, alectura lathami, looking down from a tree.