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Wooden Carvings

Intricate wood carvings of windows and over door lintel. Pagodas and buildings with wooden carvings at an old peoples’ home within the Pashupati temple complex. Columns and eaves within the palace. Two orange corner. Old building, closed and guarded. Stranger posing in front of old building with carved wood window frames. Ganesha image in front of old building. Decorated eaves and panels. Old stone image in front of wooden carved doors and fascia. Courtyard. Carved wood window. Boy in the doorway of an old building. Building in the Saadian Tombs grounds. Ornate carved doorway and locked door. Detail of work under a balcony. Locked bicycle in a doorway. Inside the Nejjarine museum, an old caravanserai. Window and wood carving detail of old building. Top tier of a pagoda and statue with pigeons. Carved wood panel on a door. Carved window. Decorative woodwork and wall art on old building. Wood carved windows. Courtyard arches. Beam and column detail. Carved courtyard door. Locked door of old building. Morocco style.