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Chedi. Chedi. Temple on Guru Shikhar. Pinnacle of Guru Shikhar, and the Dattatreya temple. Chedi and pavilion. Maa Chamunda temple. Chedi. Jodhpur, blue city, outside the fort walls. Chedi and buildings adjacent to Amber Fort. Chedi of Savitri Mata temple on Ratnagiri Hill. Buildings of the Galta Ji temple. Sri Digambar Jain Lal Mandir. Street scene. Chedi. Panorama of Pushkar and lake. Temple courtyard looking out. Fruit vendor at base of chedi. Chedi at Hanuman Ghat. Shiva statue at temple. Hanuman chedi and climbing monkey. Stepping out. Devi temple. Jain temple chedis. Whitewashed bas relief at base of chedi. Temple side pavilion and chedi Devi, Jain and Nikanth Mahadev temples. Udaipur sunrise. Pinnacle of Guru Shikhar, guru peak. Ranakpur Jain temple. Carved chedi base. Chedi corner-piece. Jain temple chedi. Sun rises over buildings around Lake Pichola. Dattatreya temple on black hill. Chedis. Chedi of hotel temple. Bright temple. Jagdish temple. Fort walls. Chedi of hotel temple. Small inner-city temple. Ranakpur Jain temple. Pushkar Sarovar (Pushkar lake) and surrounds. Temples and pavilions in fort precincts. Ranakpur Jain temple.