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Fishing boats stern in.  Picturesque except for the floating sad reminder. Boats in the tourist marina. Boats in the tourist marina. Morning calm. Clear astern. Water mouse, rakali, hydromys chrysogaster. Birds on the terraces Clear water. Very well used bollard. Ships and boats at berth in Darwin fishing harbor. Bhawan Houtman tug in Darwin fishing harbor. Row boat line-up. Boats at berth in Darwin fishing harbor. Cullen Bay marina. Marina Grande at the Isle of Capri. Over Cullen Bay marina to Darwin CBD. Coast guard patrol vessel in Capri’s Marina Grande. Pearling fleet ships in Darwin fishing harbor. Up before sunrise. Coiled and ready. Marina Piccola, Sorrento. Water mouse, rakali, hydromys chrysogaster, morning forage. Oared. Yachts in St Kilda marina. Sorrento from on high, over the gulf to Naples. Sorrento by the sea, Marina Piccola.