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Obelisk Tomb - Petra, Jordan Dome Chiesa Sant'Agnese in Agone and Obelisco Agonale. Walled obelisk in Sultan Ahmet park, once a Roman hippodrome. The Pantheon. Obelisco Sallustiano and front of Chiesa Santissima Trinita dei Monti, at the top of the Spanish steps. Obelisco Agonale and Fontana del Quattro Fiumi, fountain of the four rivers. Egyptian Thutmosis obelisk in Sultan Ahmet park. Chiesa Santissima Trinita dei Monti and Obelisco Sallustiano. St. Peter's Basilica from St. Peter's square. Down the Spanish steps, Piazza Spagna and Fontana della Barcaccia. Fontana del Pantheon and Obelisco Macuteo. Walled obelisk and Serpent column in Sultan Ahmet park, once a Roman hippodrome. The Vatican obelisk in St. Peter's square surrounded by the Colonnades.