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Jasvant Thada, royal pavilion. Sardar Market entrance gateway. Memorial pavilions of the Royal Cenotaphs. Cenotaph sunset. Sun peeks through Junagarh Fort. Viewing pavilions. Jaleb Chowk forecourt and Jaigarh Fort beyond. Late afternoon sun lights up cenotaphs. Langur gathering. Lakeside hotel. Sun through the trees at The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. Royal Cenotaphs arches. Junagarh Fort external from courtyard. Sun almost gone. Cenotaph sunset. Glorious cenotaphs. Temple side pavilion and chedi Casa dei Cervi, front yard overlooked the ancient beach. Small pavilion on Lake Pichola. Rooftop pavilion. Cenotaph sunset. Memorial pavilions of the Royal Cenotaphs. The Suhag Mandir viewing room. Grand Palace - Bangkok, Thailand Palace pavilion. Sun peek. Man Singh palace courtyard, pavilion and wives' quarters. Bamboo Stick Dance, Rose Garden Pavilion - Nakorn Pathom, Thailand