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Drive carefully; turn right to Murmansk, Russia, straight ahead to Kirkenes, Norway. Droving cattle along the Condamine River road. Cambodian Tuk Tuks on National Road 6; turn right to the airport and Angkor Wat. The road near the lake. Country road winds between gum trees. Ford crossing the Condamine River. Promised Land Road. Rest in peace.  Country graveyard. Ford crossing the Condamine River. Deeply rutted road from chariots and crossing walkway. Deep shadows over the road in the sun’s last light. Cement truck grinds its way uphill towards Ouarzazate. The road up Mt. Holyoke in Western Massachusetts. Fence corner post along Promised Land Road. Road through Capitol Reef National Park. Stepping stones and chariot wheel ruts on Via Stabiana. Steep and winding road. The valley of the Ghobang Khola and the road to Pokhara. Condamine River road leads across the valley, Wilson’s Peak behind. Mountain road traffic. Country road. Kasbah to the west and the edge of the desert. Terraces and walking trail on this side of the valley, terraces and country road on the other side. Sun through the cattle yard fence by the road. Roadside fence line. Morning sun lights the tree and vine cover over the narrow road to the parking lot at the base of Mt Warning. Country road in northeast Montenegro. The long and winding road out of Queenstown through the denuded hills. West Texas trails. Country road in northeastern Montenegro. Road in the park Holosievo. The road up Mt. Holyoke in Western Massachusetts. Forest fire access road crosses the Upper Logan River. The road at the top of Mt. Holyoke in Western Massachusetts Dusty Condamine River Road. Scooter on the road. Lotto, the cattle dog, grabbing a quick drink while watching his herd. Amalfi Coast road, Positano to Praiano, Mountains in northeast Montenegro. Street sign indicating the direction of the brothel. Yosemite, main road into the valley. Village in the Atlas Mountains on the road Ouarzazate to Marrakesh. Silver Breeze Road. River crossing.