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Train Platforms

Tanker train passes through Jaipur railway station. Train platform at sunset in Donetsk, Ukraine. Looking over Varanasi Junction. Passenger train at station. Al station, passing point for the east to west and the west to east trains on the Oslo-Bergen railroad. Under an overpass at a train station in Donetsk. View of the train platform in Donetsk. Farewell. Locomotive pulling out from the station. Have an ice time at Geilo train station. Checking goodbye selfie. Sleeper class carriage. Dog, tired from the long wait. Locomotive. Interior of the Bergen railway station at 7.30am, the morning train to Oslo. Boarding passengers at Geilo on the Oslo-Bergen railroad, 792 metres above sea level. Cattle class. Interior of the Bergen railway station, Bergens Tidende local newspaper. Interior of the Bergen railway station at 7.30am. Donetsk station platform. The platform at the train station in Donetsk. Indian Railways locomotive. Waiting at Nesbyen train station on the Oslo-Bergen railroad. Train on platform 5 departing soon. Varanasi Junction.