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Man Singh palace courtyard wall. Hilltop fortifications outside Man Singh palace. House with turreted tower. Aram Bagh garden within the Amber Fort. Jaigarh Fort above Amber Fort. Panorama of Piazza del Campo. Defence no more Bell atop Torre del Mangia. Jaigarh Fort above Amber Fort over the outer wall of Man Singh palace. Sunset over Jaipur from Nahargarh Fort. Torre Rognosa from Piazza Duomo. Piazza del Campo and the base of Torre del Mangia. Port defence. Torre del Mangia. Nahargarh Fort and fortification walls. Man Singh palace tower block. Casablanca port defence. Fortification wall and tower. Suraj Pol gateway to Amber Fort. One of the city gates of Jaipur. Outer wall and tower of Man Singh palace from Aram Bagh garden. Torre del Mangia looks over Piazza del Campo.