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White Desert

Camel cart, the only thing moving across the desert landscape. Salt desert from foreground to horizon. Desert selfie. Late afternoon over the White Desert. Desert sunset. Crunchy desert salt. White desert is composed of salt. Horse and camel staging post. Very slushy salty water. Shen Shaa, heavy head. Border guard. Visitors on the edge of the salt. Autonomous cart. Amy’s badlands. Horizon haze bands the setting sun. Out on the salt. Wet patches, do not walk. Transport hub. Late afternoon on the salt. Just a thin crust of salt, overlies clay. Sun starts to disappear into the haze on the horizon. Salt, foreground to horizon. Thicker and smoother salt. Clear blue horizon over the salt, early morning. Footprints. Nothing but salt to the horizon. Far from a smooth, even surface. Military guard for camel, close to border position. No photos. Nose to tail parking. Remnant un-evaporated water. Wheel tracks in the salt. Silhouetted salt walker. Lemonade vendor. Camel cab. Almost moonscape. Salt, salt, salt. Calling out for attention. Fresh coconut water. Camel and cameleer, posing.